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A portfolio with a difference

I'm not going to bombard you with everything I've written since I was ten years old.


Here is a cross-section of my work that won't take you half your day to get through.


Case Studies for Opinew

Opinew sells a plugin that gathers reviews from across the web to showcase on Shopify ecommerce sites.


The plugin has an impressive track record of increasing sales and average order values (AOVs) for clients, along with lowering product returns. 

Informational Sales Pages for Scalac​​

Scalac is an innovative software developer that specializes in SaaS platforms and outsourced solutions. Creating informational sales pages presented the challenge of being informative while also promoting Scalac's services. 


Landing Page and Lead Magnet for Freelance Happy

Freelance Happy is a website for professional freelancers that provides marketing advice and software reviews.


The landing page was for a health-based lead magnet to generate newsletter sign-ups. I brainstormed and wrote both the landing page and the content of the lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Freelance Happy.png
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