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Double or even triple your sales with cutting-edge B2B copy

Growing a SaaS company is next-level hard. 


And your copy shouldn't be another headache. 


I specialize in creating copy for B2B platforms that engages your customers and drives more sales.



Daniel is a phenomenal writer...a true rockstar!" Aakruti Israni, EU Business School


Turn content into your most powerful sales asset

You're here for one reason:

Your web copy should be your most potent, most effective tool for generating sales.

And it's not. 

It doesn't matter whether you're an established SaaS brand or you've just launched your site. 

So what's the solution?

That's where I come in.

I've spent over a decade working with some of the world's top SaaS martech companies, from indie plugin developers to multi-billion dollar unicorns. 

And I can use that experience and knowledge for you. 


Let's see if we're a fit...

"Daniel is a real professional. He never stops to surprise us, we are hooked!"


Drive up sales by ethically using the most up-to-date research into persuasion

Why pick me instead of all the other great copywriters out there? 

It's a good question.


Here's how I can boost your conversions:

1. Draw on over a decade of hands-on experience with the world's top B2B SaaS brands. 

I've worked with several leading SaaS companies, including EU Business School and billion-dollar startup PandaDoc.

2. Complete exhaustive profiles of your customers prior to writing.

I base profiles on on real market analysis, not guesswork.

3. Apply the most recent, most effective research into persuasion.

No, I don't spend my weekends poring over academic studies. But I do make a point of keeping up to date with sales-related insights from behavioral science and user experience.

4. Undertake rigorous post-publication conversion testing on your website.

Want to know asecret? Multivariate and A/B testing isn't that difficult. Even so, most of your competitors aren't doing it, which leaves a big opportunity for you.

5. Provide that something extra that can't be taught.

Call it talent, inspiration, or just a straightforward love of the craft of writing. (OK, that's enough of the gloating.)

Combine these elements and what you have is hyper-focused, tested and measurable copy. Nothing less. 

"I highly recommend working with Dan. Always on time, great communication."


Pawel Ognowski, CEO of Growcode

Copywriting services to turbocharge your sales

Here are the services I offer. 


Stop losing out on easy sales, correct mistakes and leverage missed opportunities. 

During an audit, I will look at your top pages and provide feedback and specific conversion optimizations in the form of a PDF.


Turn your SaaS website into a high-converting sales machine. 

I typically offer a basic four-page package made up of the following: ​


  • Home page

  • Feature Page (Product Tour)

  • About Us Page

  • Pricing Page

In addition to these, I can also provide dedicated feature pages, ad landing pages, lead magnet pages, and case studies.


Ah, case of the most effective sales tools available to you.

I offer case studies on as-needed basis with a lightning-fast turnaround. For many clients, this is an ongoing service.

"Really impressed with Dan's work and approach. Will definitely work with him again and highly recommend Dan.


About Me

So it's time for the "tell us a little more about yourself" section of the interview?

Ok, here goes...


I hail from the rainy city of Manchester in the UK. I was born just outside the Peak District, one of the UK's biggest national parks (that's me in the woods below).

I'm also a Buddhist, budding poet and excessive drinker of green tea. I am not a fan of the Oxford comma. 

Here are some of the highlights of my writing career...


  • Over ten years experience working with software-as-a-service (Saas) and B2B brands. ​

  • Chief writer for the web's first dedicated ecommerce conversion blog, Growcode. 

  • Top Rated Plus Copywriter on Upwork with 100% positive reviews. 


Want to learn more about me and my approach? Hit the button below and let's talk!


Worst case scenario? We have a great chat about your business and say a friendly goodbye.

Best case? You hit publish on the best copy your site's ever had. 

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